Two Week Update

Two down and fifty to go. Although these goals seem daunting, they don't seem so hard if you break them down into smaller  tasks and stay on top of them. I made my list of goals quickly without really thinking about why I want these things. I read that you're more likely to follow through on your goals if you have good reasons for doing them and make sure that the goals are congruent with your overall mission. I guess that means that I should figure out my mission. Luckily an article that I found on ONNIT called How To Set Goals You'll Achieve, that helped to point me in the right direction. 


Finding a Mission:

What do I love about the world?

I love the outdoors, interacting with people and traveling. I like helping others and making a difference. I love the feeling of being both physically as well as mentally healthy and conquering challenges.


What is hurting the things that I love?

I work a lot. Alcohol is great, but I haven't established a healthy relationship with it. I don't set aside enough time for myself.

What can I do to help the things I love?

I have quit drinking completely and I have recently left my job at Yard House to free up more time for myself. I am still employed at two other places, but will only be consistently 'working' three days a week. I told myself that if I was going to work less, I have to use my free time for things that I really want to do like traveling and being outdoors and being productive on personal projects. I am going to allow the things I like to do to govern my life and actions, rather than financial and material concerns.


To live a meaningful, interesting and engaged life. To live in the present and take opportunities without fear. To handle every relationship with care. To constantly improve myself, conquer personal goals and help others. To make my future decisions and actions congruent with this mission.

Here's an update on what I've been doing for my goals.

I will purchase my first property.

I have done a little bit of research on buying my first place and the first step I need to take is to get pre-approved on a loan. I am waiting for right now because it doesn't make much sense to buy a place because I am thinking about moving out of the D.C. area in a year or two.

I will remain sober for the entirety of 2017.

Not drinking hasn't been too hard so far. For the first week and a half, I think I was having actual withdraws from alcohol. I didn’t drink all that much, but I found that once I stopped drinking I was sleeping more than usual. I don't really get cravings to drink and usually don't have an inclination to do so either, but it's tempting sometimes working as a bartender. Being around alcohol isn't the bad part, it's the intoxicated people that annoy me into wanting to drink. Either way, I won't be tempted into drinking.

I will work on lucid dreaming.

I have only had a few nights where I have set aside time to prep for and encourage lucid dreaming so far. I haven't yet had a completely lucid dream but I had one very vivid dream. I almost brought myself into lucid dreaming one morning but went blank while I was just having very short thoughts or images flashing by. 

I will live with fewer material possessions

I haven't taken any steps to get rid of a lot of my things but I have been more conscious of buying only items that add meaning to my life. I'm about to start going through my stuff and either donating or selling the things that I rarely use.

I will create and care for meaningful relationships.

I am making it a priority to connect more frequently and sincerely with friends and family. I am trying to be more understanding and less judgmental in all of my interactions. Most importantly, I am learning to listen before responding or reacting.

I will add new content to this website at least three times a week.

It's super challenging to do this! I am researching content calendars and am finding other ways to keep me on track for publishing engaging and interesting content.