Top 10 Things About Being A Bartender

I’ve been bartending for seven years now and haven’t looked back. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, but most of it is. Here are a few of the reasons why bartending is the bomb.

1. You never know who’s standing in front of you.

Well you might, but you never know who’s walking through the door next. Everyone drinks, or hangs out with people who do. I’ve had everyone from hockey all star Alex Ovechkin, Cowboy’s defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, to Commander and film actor Gregory Gadson sitting in front of me enjoying libations(the last two were at the same time!).

2. You’re a badass multi-tasker.

Yes, I’m splitting a check, closing out two others, grabbing beers for you & your mate, and knocking out a few service drinks simultaneously. No, I don’t need your gentle reminder of a hand wave to remind me. It’s all locked in, and it’s all happening at once. This skill definitely translates to your life outside of work where you can regularly find me cooking, making pour over coffee, texting and singing along to my favorite songs. It really come downs to being efficient with your time!

bar 2.jpeg

3. Bartending makes you hear one-thousand percent better.

As I’m walking by I hear you and your date decide on drinks, don’t be surprised if I show up with on my way back to the far end of the bar! Oh yea, you’re empty glass was set down, well here’s your backup! We can pretty much hear better than bats...

4. Star of the Show

The Bartender is always the star of the show. See those pretty girls dancing on top of the bar? Chances are that if you’re thirsty you’re looking to lock eyes with that beautiful son of a bitch slinging those hoppy drafts rather than the Coyote Ugly girls shaking it to their favorite country songs!

5. You know how to fake it.

Again, another translatable skill. On behalf of all bartenders, we really do care about you and what’s new in your life. Bet you couldn’t tell that my girlfriend broke up with me before work and my car broke down on the way here!

6. Street Cred

No matter what style of manner you carry yourself with behind that bar, you’ve earned street cred by controlling the flow of alcohol. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been asked to find drugs or if it was okay to tip with them. The answer is no. If I want them, I’ll buy them with the money you tipped with.

7. Stamina

Yet again, translatable. You guessed it, standing on your feet for nine or more hours at a time, constantly in motion and always mentally engaged. That’s real stamina. It doesn’t end with work either, bartenders are easily some of the most active people in their free time. In my free time you can find me at the gym, hiking, playing disc golf, running, biking or anywhere else outdoors!


8. Bartending adds three to your hotness rating.

Yes, that means that 13/10’s do exist. Being behind the bar simply just makes you hot because science.

9. You’re a rockstar.

Party all night, sleep late, and do it again. Bartenders know how to hold it down when it comes to this lifestyle. Don’t try to keep pace with us because that ends with a bad night for you. It doesn’t end there. Bartenders are also recognized almost everywhere they go. It’s a blessing and a curse.

10. Your co-workers are the bomb.

Yes, we work with the hottest, smartest and best people alive. Do you like the bartender, well me too, and I get to work with them! It’s nice coming into work and knowing that everyone there is going to kick-ass and take names to bring in the dough!

Are you convinced yet that you should be a bartender?